Valuing People & Products

Sustainably Sourced

Every piece of lumber we use is sustainably sourced from Appalachia. When you purchase a piece from Appalachian Furnishings, trust that the wood used to build our products has been sourced with minimal damage to the environment.

Quality Products

These days, quality seems to have been sacrificed for quantity. We want to change that. At Appalachian Furnishings, every piece we make is valuable and high quality. We place value not only in our products, but also in our people.

Valued Team Members

At Appalachian Furnishings, we believe in second chances. That’s why we provide men and women who have completed an addiction recovery program with a chance to reestablish themselves in the workforce.

3 Shelf Rack w/ Drawer

This solid wood shelving unit with a storage drawer will make a handsome addition to any home. Use it for storing important items or display your favorite small treasures. Please note that each piece is handmade and will feature unique characteristics.  

Regular Cutting Board

Get rid of those old plastic cutting boards – wooden ones are the way to go! You’ll want to display these beautiful pieces on your kitchen counter even when you aren’t using them. Each board is treated with food safe mineral oil and beeswax. Because each piece is handmade for you, it will have unique characteristics. 

Custom Product Requests

Have an awesome idea for a custom woodworking project? Contact us today to request a special order.