Product Variations

Appalachian Furnishings offers a variety of ways to customize our products to fit your unique aesthetic. One option is mixed wood, where our expert woodworkers will select the best combination of wood types to use for each specific project. You may request a wood type when checking out, or let us choose for you. The second option we call live edge. A live edge refers to incorporating the raw edge of the wood into the design of the piece. This gives the piece a more rustic, natural look. Finally, we offer custom engraving for pieces like cutting and charcuterie boards or any custom piece you may want created just for you. 
Wood types available for purchase are maple, oak, cherry, poplar, and walnut. Freshly cut cherry wood is typically very pale, but the wood oxidizes over time to the famous rich reddish brown color. Maple ranges in color from creamy white to a yellow or pale tan. Oak can be either white or tan in color and features a straight grain. Poplar is the lightest color of wood we offer – it is typically grayish white with a tight grain. Walnut is known for its rich, dark color and unique grain patterns. We strive to keep our products as natural as possible. Because each tree is unique, there may be variations in wood coloring and grain patterns. 


Photo of cherry


Photo of maple


Photo of oak


Photo of poplar


Photo of Essential Oils Blending Board

Live Edge

Here is an example of our live edge customization option. This gives each piece a unique, rustic look by incorporating the natural edge of the wood into the design. 

Photo of small cutting board

Mixed Wood

This is an example of what we can do with mixed wood types. Several of our pieces can be designed with multiple types of wood; our expert woodworkers will pick the sturdiest options for your unique piece.